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Inscribed Plaques

An unusual wedding gift idea - a garden plaque that is designed to sit in the ground alongside a newly planted tree. The plaque can be engraved with the details of the happy couple and wedding date, or personalised with any message of your choice. The plaque is dispatched in tissue paper and is ideal if you plan to buy a tree or plant to accompany it. If you would prefer to let your recipients choose the text, opt for the boxed gift certificate.



Glorious native blue spring-flowering bulbs grown for their flowers.

50 Bluebell bulbs in a hessian sack.


Snowdrops flowering in late winter and early spring with soft grey green leaves. Bears many petalled white flowers.

Seeds of Desire!

Scatter a few hardy annuals amongst your new shrubs, it will be a quick and easy way to fill the gaps while your new plants establish in the border. Here are a few suggestions, all easy and summer flowering - but as always, you may have whatever you want.

Calendula officinalis Kablouna Mixed: A cottage garden delight! Large, striking crested blooms of gold, orange, lemon and apricot with a dark contrasting centre. Enjoy them in the garden or use them as beautiful cut flowers. Flowers summer. Height 20"

Centaurea (Cornflower) cyanus Black Ball: Flowers are a lovely rich milk-chocolate hue, almost black on cloudy days. Height 30"

Centaurea (Cornflower) cyanus Cut Flower Mixed: Lovely pastels, of blue and pink with white and some deeper blue and red as well as deeper colours. Height 36"

Cerinthe major purpurescens: A highly versatile, aristocratic border plant. The fleshy blue-green leaves with white mottling, spiral up the stem, transforming themselves into sea blue bracts - small clusters of rich purple/blue tubular, nodding flowers, which are cream inside and loved by bees. Height 30"

Clarkia breweri Pink Ribbons: Beautiful free flowering plants for the border or bedding and containers. The unusual, lanceolate blooms in sugar pink are produced over a long summer period. Striking and unusual. Pink Ribbons will become a talking point in any garden. Height 12"

Convolvulus purpurea Star Of Yelta: A stunning and very striking garden plant which can be used as a climber or ground cover subject. You can also grow it in a container where it will cascade over the side, and if supported, will climb to form a dome. Flowers summer. Climber to approx. 1 metre. Height 6 feet.

Delphinium (Larkspur) ajacis Sublime Mixed: Reselected from Imperial Strain. Fully double blooms on strong erect stems. Good cut flower, excellent for drying. Height 4feet

Digitalis purpurea Foxy: 'Foxy' is an annual foxglove, if sown indoors late winter/early spring it flowers in summer (regular foxgloves are biennial). 'Foxy' is dwarfer, invaluable for exposed sites in shades of pink to white with contrasting mottled throats. The flowers are useful for cutting. Flowers summer. Height 26"

Eschscholzia caespitosa Monarch Mixed: Semi-double and single blooms of cerise, carmine, red, orange and yellow. For cutting, pick when tightly furled. Height 10"

Godetia rubicunda Shamini: Elegant 3-4" semi-double flowers of deep rose with a soft pink margin. Flowering in profusion on tall, erect stems, they make wonderful cut flowers and must surely be a part of every border and cottage garden. Easy to grow. Flowers summer. Height 36"

Gypsophila elegans Covent Garden: Graceful annual for the border, producing delicate flowers and foliage, splendid for cut flowers. Can also be grown as flowering pot plants, grown in drifts or planted so as to cascade down steep banks or dry walls. Flowers early summer. Height 18in.

Helianthus annuus Earth Walker: A diverse mixture of charming Sunflowers in a range of bronze and yellow, also including the exquisite deeper chocolate-brown shades. The good quality plants, producing many heads, are ideal for border displays. Easy to grow; ideal for children. Height 8feet

Lathyrus odoratus Antique Fantansy Mixed: Some of the colourful oldies upon whose intoxicating and outstanding fragrance the fame of the sweet pea was built. They grow vigorously and their strong stems the source of an endless supply of cut flowers and the variety of colour is hard to equal. Flowers summer. Climber. This variety is not recommended for growing as cordons.

Lavatera trimestris Silver Cup: Dwarf, bushy and well branched, it is covered in flowers from mid-July to September. The flowers are large (4in.) and glowing pink. Weather resistant and does not need staking. Height 24"

Linum grandiflorum Blue Dress: Stunning border plant, producing tiny sprays with masses of attractive true-blue flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for borders, bedding or containers Height 20"

Matthiola bicornis Starlight Scentsation (Night Scented): A joy to behold! Wonderfully fragrant stocks, not just with the well known pink flowers, but now in a wealth of pastel colours. Sow thickly in a large container and place on the patio where you can enjoy the scent, or simply in drifts in the border. Flowers summer. Height 18"

Nasturtium majus Alaska Mixed: The leaves are conspicuously marbled in green and white and in themselves produce a very attractive plant. Add to this vivid multicoloured blooms, flowering above the foliage, and an unforgettable sight is produced. Flowers summer to frost. Height 8"

Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue Eyes: Low spreading habit. Glorious sky-blue 1in blooms. Excellent for rockeries, edging in most soils. Showy plants for the garden or rock garden. Splendid pot plants for the cold greenhouse. Flowers summer. Trailing.

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll: Beautiful and easy to grow, bearing rich blue flowers which seem to float amongst the finely cut leaves. They provide a charming show of bloom during the summer months. Very useful for bedding and cutting and the seed pods can be dried for winter decoration indoors. Flowers summer. Height 18".

Papaver paeoniflorum Black Paeony: The fascination of black or dark flowers continues with this stunning, large, fully double flowered poppy in deepest red to black, with lovely crinkled petals. Easy to grow and superb in the border where it is best left to naturalise. Flowers summer. Height 36"

Papaver somniferum Seriously Scarlet: A dramatic new Poppy with striking scarlet flowers which have a dark purple-blue centre. opening to form an Elizabethan style ruff. The strong, tall stems boast large, highly ornamental, silver-green orientale foliage.

Phacelia parryii Royal Admiral: Vivid and startling colours. Canterbury Bell-like buds, blooms of rich purple-blue quite unique to garden annuals. Most effective planted in clumps in the border, or perhaps grown solo in large containers, where the flowers will compel you to come closer. Flowers summer - early autumn. Height 12-18"

Salvia horminium Claryssa - Mixed: Dwarf, compact habit and broader, bright mixed colour blooms (bracts). Superb for cutting and dried as an everlasting. Height 18"


Bookshops are laden with wonderful Gardening Books, with difficulty we selected the following in our search for really useful (and attractive) presents.

RHS Good Plant Guide. We think this little book is fantastic. It has excellent pictures to help you choose plants. It lists recommended plants for every situation you will want, including problem areas and suggestions for high performance fruit and vegetable varieties.

The EXPERT Series by Dr. D.G. Hessayon
These slim paperbacks must be the most familiar gardening guides in the country. The whole collection comprises 12 easy to read, comprehensive and economical volumes – we are suggesting the following to start your collection off. The Garden Expert; The Tree and Shrub Expert; The Flower Expert and for those on the road to ‘the good life’ – The Vegetable Expert.

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