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Tree House

Topnotch Tree Houses will tempt you too to sleep out in the woods - so don't wait for the children. Dan Garner's (other) work as tree surgeon, gives him a thorough knowledge of trees and so he will advise you on all aspects of your new home before submitting plans. So if you are still searching for a new home be sure to buy one with a wood!


Before long you will be wanting to grow some seeds, or over-winter a particular treasure that is a little bit tender so you may like to consider a greenhouse. Maybe this pretty little one from Alitex could tempt you with its Victorian finials and perfect proportions. All houses are made of low maintenance aluminium providing strength and durability whilst looking as beautiful as wood. The family business takes pride in the attention to detail. Each greenhouse is tailored to meet your requirements, be they small or grand.


Who doesn't want a secret hideaway? Not you, okay, but you may want to tuck yourself away in a studio, to work from home or write poetry. Here is a unique custom-built room of your own, delivered completely finished - no DIY, no builders, no planning permission (in most situations) - and all to your own specifications. These studios are ideal for visitors, parents and spare children. They are so good and useful we have got two - his and hers! If you put a studio on your wedding list, you can suggest it as an expense to be shared amongst several wedding guests - just like our Star Option design service.


Kootensaw Dovecotes have built this little home to last a lifetime. It is warm and cosy for three happy couples. This design (there are others) looks particularly good in sets of three or five and can be sited on a wall or tree. The wood is pressure treated so requires minimum maintenance - cleaning is recommended twice a year. Height 2'2" width 2'5", depth 20".

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