How it works

Plant Gift Example

  • First you choose an option from the Options Page - Simple, Advised or Designed.
  • We will then set up your online gift list page for your guests to visit - see an example list.
  • We will supply you with individual cards (the size of a business card) to include in the envelope with your wedding invitations, which will notify your guests that you are have a wedding gift list with us.
  • Your friends check your web page, or request a paper copy of your list, confirm their order by telephone, with their message . then pay online using the paypal link below or send us a cheque to cover their order.
  • We give you a password which allows you to check the detailed progress of your wedding list.
  • Your wedding presents will be delivered to you at a previously arranged time. If your garden is not ready - or you have not even bought your new home yet, we are happy to delay delivery.

We have discovered that guests become seriously enthusiastic about building a wedding garden and quite a bit of extra ordering can take place after the wedding, so we do not close the gift list unless that is asked for. 

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