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Plant Gift Example

This is the exciting bit! Having decided to use the Wedding Garden Company to manage your wedding gift list, first choose one of the Options Your plan, Advised or Design.

Please register with us first, you may do this on-line, then, if you have chosen the Your Plan List we suggest that you complete the Gift List Form and return it to us by email or post.

If you would like some help creating plant ideas but still want 'Your Plan' List i.e. you do not want a visit. please email us with the size and shape of your garden. It would also be helpful to know the soil type and any other relevant features. we can then advise you with some ideas to start you off.

If you have chosen the Advised or Designed List, please telephone or email us for an appointment on 01584 878878 or wait for us to call you, which we will do as soon as we receive your registration.

In addition to asking for plants and trees as wedding presents, you may like to be given some garden related products.  The Wedding Garden Company has sourced a comprehensive range of interesting products that would enhance your garden.

These garden ideas have been chosen for their practical, aesthetic and design qualities.  From the best gardening gloves and secateurs to the most desirable garden building. However please note these are just ideas to give you inspiration.

Most lists include terracotta pots and some garden tools as well as plants; they may provide an opportunity to acquire a stunning sculpture to which friends can contribute - basically we suggest that you tell us what you would ideally like to be given and we will do the rest.

Prices of trees, plants and shrubs: unlike the conventional wedding list where each towel and casserole has a fixed price, the cost of plants vary (according to the season, availability and hazards: bugs and slugs etc!). As a rough guide, we suggest that for the purposes of list-making, you estimate Perennials @ £10 each; Shrubs @ £18 and Trees from £25. Please note that these are only approx prices.

Prices of products: please send us a list of the products that you are interested in, and we will give you the current retail price. Please note, there are no prices indicated on the Product Pages, you have to ask. We invite you to use the product pages as inspiration, a wonderful opportunity to have what you really want!

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