There is no charge for registering with us. Charges for the Advised List or the Designed List with depend on the time involved. Normally we would expect half a day for the Advised option and (depending on the size of the project) three or four half, or full days work for the Designed option. All our list handling charges are included in the cost of gifts.


Billing for visiting and designing
Design work for a small garden (ie not a Star Service scheme) is billed in two stages: Stage 1 for visiting to take brief and complete simple survey, and Stage 2 on presentation of final design. Invoices must be settled before the wedding list web page is set up.

For clients who have chosen the Advised List, payment for visiting is required before the wedding list web page is set up.

Fees are based on full and half day rates (£350/£175).

Gift prices
Prices of plants: unlike the conventional wedding list where each towel and casserole has a fixed price, the cost of plants vary (according to the season, availability and hazards: bugs and slugs etc!), As a rough guide, we suggest that for the purposes of list-making, you estimate Perennials @ £10 each; Shrubs @ £18 and Trees @ £25 - £30. Once we receive your wedding gift list we will read it through and let you know if you have chosen something rare and wonderful that may cost more.

Prices of products:  please send us a list of the products that you are interested in, and we will give you the current retail price including vat. Please note, there are no prices indicated on the Product Pages, you have to ask. We invite you to use the product pages as inspiration, unfettered by what your ideal gift might cost, remember your gift list is the one part of your wedding that will cost you nothing - a wonderful opportunity to have what you really want!

Plants ~ Charges are normally included in the cost of the present, however you can opt to settle these yourselves if you prefer. Costs vary according to where you live and the size of the list and if you have chosen a variety of plants which need to be sourced from specialist nurseries.

Products ~ Normally costs for delivery of heavy items such as pots and garden ornaments are settled by the client. Please see Terms and Conditions paragraph 9.

Please note that deliveries arrive Monday - Friday and will require signing for, so you may wish to have small deliveries made to your work address.

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